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Wet rot and dry rot treatment

Wet and dry rot treatment

There are two common types of rot that can occur in the wood in your home; wet rot and dry rot. Both of these are forms of fungal decay that can cause structural damage to buildings. Identifying the difference between wood rot is the first step to getting rid of rot from your property permanently. Dry rotĀ is the most seriousĀ form of fungus decay in a building. Dry rot is caused by the presence of damp, moisture and condensation in the home, and can cause serious damage to your property affecting walls, floors, and and destroys timber. Although wet rot is more common, it is generally less serious. The wet rot problems are usually confined to areas where the timber has become wet and stays wet over time. Unlike wet rot, dry rot can spread far beyond the point where moisture and damp have entered the home

Both types of rot however, If left untreated can cause major structural problems with weakened timbers as well as causing serious health problems. Identifying the causes and remediation is a job best left to the professionals. MK Damp and Timber are experts in diagnosing the sources of damp and rot, treating and eradicating it and making any structural repairs necessary to keep your property safe. We have worked on countless properties in the Milton Keynes, Watford and north London area. If you have any concerns regarding wet rot or dry rot in your property, do not hesitate to contact us now to discuss your problems and solutions.

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